2019 Pegasus Zone Swimming Championship

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Date: Thursday, 14 Mar 2019   (Last entry date: Wednesday, 6 Mar 2019)
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Staff helper last date: 6 Mar 2019
Location: Dudley Park Pool (25 m pool configuration)
Information: The Pegasus Zone Swimming Sports will be held at the Dudley Park Pool on Thursday 14th March 2019 from 12.30pm - 2:30pm. Warm up begins at 12.40 so swimmers should be changed and at poolside at that time. Swim meet begins at 12:50pm sharp. Swimmers final placings will be based on their heat times. There will be no finals races. Entry Restrictions Swimmers must be in Year 5 or above. Each school may only enter 1 relay team in each event. Each school may enter a maximum of 2 swimmers in any race as long as each of the entered swimmers meets the "must be faster than" qualifying time in that event. Times are in brackets in the event title. Swimmers may be entered in 2 events plus 1 relay and the open Butterfly. If the swimmer is not entered in a relay or the open Butterfly then they may only enter 2 events. All relays are mixed and 50m for each swimmer. Relay teams must have 4 members consisting of 2 boys and 2 girls. The team may swim their relay in any order. Schools with a combined roll of 170 or less may combine to form a team. Swimmers must swim in their own age group except in relay races, where a younger swimmer may enter in an older age group, if necessary. Swimmers can only swim for one relay team. Entry is conditional on helpers being provided. Must be faster than times... Freestyle Yr 5 boys / girls 50 secs Yr 6 boys / girls 48 secs Yr 7 boys / girls 45 secs Yr 8 boys / girls 42 secs Backstroke Yr 5 boys / girls 60 secs Yr 6 boys / girls 58 secs Yr 7 boys / girls 56 secs Yr 8 boys / girls 52 secs Breaststroke Yr 5 boys / girls 70 secs Yr 6 boys / girls 65 secs Yr 7 boys / girls 62 secs Yr 8 boys / girls 60 secs Butterfly Open boys / girls 60 secs Converting 25 yd / 50 yd pool times to 25m / 50m pool times go to www.swimmingworldmagazine.com/results/conversions.asp and fill in the appropriate information in the drop-down boxes.
Staff: Organiser: Tanaya Jeffcott
Primary School Sports Co-ordinator
North Canterbury Sport & Recreation Trust

Schools: Clarkville, Kaiapoi Borough School, Kaiapoi North School, Ohoka, Ouruhia, Pegasus Bay, St Patricks, Swannanoa, Tuahiwi, West Eyreton, Woodend
Events: 32
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